mercoledì, dicembre 03, 2008

India: le conseguenze sono ancor più terrificanti

(Delhi, Chadni Chowk, foto Franco Oliva)

di Rasheeda Bhagat
Even as we, the citizens of India, resolve never to forget the bloody and petrifying 59-hour siege on Mumbai and take a pledge to compel those responsible for our security — not only politicians but also our intelligence agencies and others who have been lax in guarding our borders, such as the Coast Guard, and probably even the Indian Navy — what is going to be much more important is our response to the post-Mumbai events. In the anger, all of it justified, and the jingoism, not all justified because clearly diverse agendas are being pushed here, that follows the Mumbai carnage, one wrong step can end up doing much more harm than good [... continua su The Indu Business Line].